Monday, April 26, 2010

Lima Beans are the ENEMY!

It is official....Olive HATES lima beans! We now have two foods she doesn't like, lima beans and avacado. I know this seems really mean, but this video makes me laugh. We have a drama queen on our hands. I don't know where she gets it!

*Please excuse the background noise, Stephen was cooking dinner.* :)


  1. omg that is too funny. I'm on her side. Lima beans are yucky, as for avocados, I could live eating ONLY avocados!

  2. OK, I've seen Cora gag before but not like that! So funny.

  3. come on Danee'...that is totally unfair since I know you wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole...come on give her the good stuff!!! More puffs, more puffs!!!