Sunday, March 28, 2010

Front Yard Project

This weekend Stephen began working on the front yard project he has been dreaming about since before we bought this house. This is a huge project that will take a while to finish, but stage 1 is taking place now! Hooray! Olive wasn't feeling great today, so we couldn't go outside and "help" so we watched from inside the house. She would sit on the back of the chair or stand up on the window sill and would bang on the window to get his attention. It was so fun to watch her try to get him to look at her.
"Dad! Dad! What are you doing?"

"Yes! He is looking at me!"

"I love you Daddy!!"

Thank you Daddy for your hard work! We can't wait to see the new porch. We are so lucky to have such a talented landscaper that lives here! :)

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