Sunday, April 4, 2010

Olive's First Easter

Hoppy Easter!
I can't believe how big Olive looked today in her Easter dress! She even wore shoes for the first time. Getting them on her was a struggle, but she left them on for most of the time.

Olive got to experience her first "Easter on the Point". We have been going to our family friends, Eddie and Carol's house for an outdoor Easter lunch for over 20 years. We have so many great memories from Easter. Auntie M always had a tendency to get hurt on Easter, but this year she made it through without any injuries! Easter is pretty special to us, not only because of the long held tradition, but Easter Sunday was Stephen and I's first date 6 years ago. I know that seems like a really weird first date, but that was our's! We went to church together and then out to Eddie and Carol's, then to the Collyar's to watch the Sopranos and then home. We spent THE ENTIRE DAY together and still actually went out on a second date! :) I remember telling my mom that I was bringing a friend and being harassed about my "cute friend" the entire day. Thank goodness they didn't scare him away! :)

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon.
Olive needed a little tour of the property, so Dano was the one to show her around.

She thought the spiderman jeep was pretty cool.

Getting her feet dirty! :)
She loved playing on her blanket under the big trees. She picked up sticks and rocks and of course, tried to eat them!

Playing with Auntie times!
Olive and her friend Cannon hung out on the blanket together.
He thought her shades were really cool.

Honey showed her all of the pretty trees...

and helped her drink from a water bottle! It was hot outside and a girl has to stay hydrated!
Thank you Honey!
She had to show Granny that she hasn't forgotten how to crazy jump!

Later in the afternoon, we went back to Dano and Honey's house because they had an Easter surprise for Olive. Auntie M and Uncle Isaac had surprises waiting for her too, a giant caterpillar and some "goodies" that we will help her eat!

We were so excited to look in the backyard to see her new swing!

Uncle Isaac helped push her and she thought it was so fun!


Thank you for my swing, Dano! I love it! Will you hang one at my house, please?!

We are very blessed to have wonderful family and friends to spend the day with. Happy Easter!


  1. she looks so precious in her dress! I think she is definitely loved...don't tell Salyer that she has a swing..he might be jealous!!!

  2. I remember talking about that first Easter date A.LOT. I think we did pros and cons for several days before and several days after.