Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ollie and Ellie

Today our special friend Auntie Misty and her sweet little Eleanor came to see us. They are visiting from Texas and we were so excited to get to spend the afternoon with them. Sticking to the usual tradition, we had lunch at BJ's and then went to do a little shopping. The girls were so good! They are only 6 weeks apart and they are going to grow up to be great friends. We sat them next to each other to take pictures and laughed as they tried to interact.

Olive: "Oh, Eleanor! I am so glad to see you!"
Eleanor: "I'm glad to see you too, but will you please let go of my arm?"

Eleanor: "Olive, do you have toys in your room? Let's go!!"Olive: "Eleanor, you are so silly!"
Olive: "Hey Eleanor! Look what I can do! I can stick my toes in my mouth."

Eleanor: "Olive, you are really flexible. Do your toes taste good?"

Eleanor: "Olive, this I-pod thing is so cool! I want to gobble it up."

Olive: "Yeah, I know. Santa brought it."

Eleanor: "Olive, be careful not to hurt the hungry caterpillar!"

By the time we got to Target, they were both passed out asleep. What a peaceful ending to a fun day. Auntie Misty and Eleanor, thank you for coming to play with us. We love you!

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