Friday, January 1, 2010

Olive Helps Dano

Today Dano came down to deliver the shelves he made for my newly converted craft room. Olive was ready to help with the special project and wore her home depot project apron to prove it! After installing the shelves, we went to Home Depot for her first time! We were looking for light fixtures to go in the new craft room. She liked being on the light fixture aisle because she could see all of the lights. She fell asleep before we left. This is probably just her first trip of many to Home Depot with Dano.
Dano has worked on a lot of different special projects for us. He custom built all of the shelves in her closet. It started with just one hanging bar, now it has enough space for all of her clothes and gear!

He custom built the window seat that is in her bedroom. The top opens up like a toy chest. Right now we use it for diaper storage. Stephen had the idea for this seat when I was pregnant and Dano took our ideas and created exactly what we wanted.
For Christmas, he made this step stool for little miss. He even took an Olive in to the paint store to make sure it was the correct color. We are so lucky that Dano is so good at creating things. We definetly keep him busy with all of our ideas! :)

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  1. WOW!!! I need a Dano!!! I could really keep him busy:) Can't wait to see your craft room!!