Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was certainly snowy!! The weather men had been predicting snow, but of course, we figured they were just getting worked up like they always do. We always go to church for the Christmas Eve service at Dano and Honey's church, but it snowed so much that the service was cancelled. So, we snuggled in to our jammies and had a fun day at home. The best part was getting to hang out all day long with little miss with no interruptions! We were worried about our friends and family who were out in the storm, but luckily they all made it home safely. Here are a few of the things we did on this snowy Christmas eve...

Hooray!! It is snowing. Daddy showed Olive the snow out of her bedroom window. She thought it was pretty neat.

"Daddy! I want to play in the snow!" We realized there was a chance we might lose power and that we may need "rations" in case we were snow bound, so Stephen and Wrigley headed to the store!

Later in the afternoon, Daddy showed Olive all of the special ornaments on "Grammy Tami's tree". The tree in our dining room is decorated in her ornaments and it is very special to us. Stephen gave her the tour of the ornaments, the ones he bought Grammy Tami of all of the special places in Ponca, the one he made in second grade in Ms. Erner's class, the one he made in 1st grade in Mrs. Nelson's class and on and on...she reached out and tried to grab them like she knew what he was saying.

Then the biggest part of the day was when she got to eat a special "Christmas eve dinner" of...Rice cereal!! Yum!!

The new Gerber baby poster child!

We had a great Christmas Eve despite the change of plans! We are so thankful to be together and have a warm place to be. We are ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday tomorrow!

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