Monday, December 14, 2009

Checking on Honey

Honey had her gallbladder removed last Friday, so Sunday Olive and I went to check on her. We spent the afternoon having fun and showing off all of her new "tricks". I think Olive definetly helped Honey to feel better. She loved looking at their tall Christmas tree and playing with Barney.
Dano and I took Olive to Garden Ridge to look for her a stocking. I have had no luck finding one that I liked, but Garden Ridge pulled through! We found one. Even though Garden Ridge isn't nearly what it used to be, I am glad we went. And her first Garden Ridge extravanganza had to be documented! I just wish they would go back to having good stuff instead of tables full of junk, but they didn't ask me...oh well. :)

Mom, why are you taking my picture again?

Loaded up and ready to check out!

We hope Honey gets to feeling better soon!!

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