Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Snow

Pop and Gipper game down to play for a little while early afternoon and then Olive took a nap. When she woke up, we decided to bundle up and take her out to "play". Getting her dressed was quite the process...
Layer #1 Layer #2
Layer #3...ready to go!
"I can't put my arms down!"
Thank you Molly for letting us borrow your super warm snow suit! It was perfect.
Daddy made a snow angel. He's the best!
Our little snow angel.
She didn't really seem to notice the cold.
Playing with Daddy

We had a great day! Several other neighbors built snowmen, we will have to see how adventurous Mommy and Daddy feel to see if we get one too. I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas! We got to spend the whole day with our special little gift and it couldn't have been more perfect.

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