Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday Dano Style- The Beard

Today's Throwback Thursday is about facial hair! With Duck Dynasty all over the place right now (no I have never watched it, but everyone seems to love it and I don't live under a rock so I know who they are!) beards are getting a lot of attention. My Dad always had a full beard and mustache. Always, for as far back as I can remember. Once when I was about 6, he shaved it off. Mica and I were terrified of him! He started growing it back out immediately because neither one of us would even talk to him! He should have counted this as a blessing! Ha!  His beard gave him the opportunity to do different things. He would be Santa Claus at the Children's Center drive through lights and not have to wear a fake. He was Moses several times for the Halloween "living bible" at church. The most memorable "impersonation" that he was asked to do had such a huge impact on me. A friend of our family was the pastor at a church in Yukon and asked Dad to be a part of a little experiment.   Dad's job was to appear to be homeless. We went to church that night seperately and when we pulled into the parking lot, Dad was sitting on the grass dirty as dirty could be, his hair and beard a mess with old worn out tennis shoes. We went on into service and a few minutes before it started, Dad in all his  dirtiness, walked in and went straight to the front pew.  You could see people staring and could tell that it made some uncomfortable, while others barely noticed. During singing, Dad stayed seated the whole time. During prayer, he stayed seated as well. Before the pastor walked to the podium, he stepped down off of stage and went to "talk" to Dad. No one could hear him, but you could tell from the body language, he was asking him to leave. About that time, Dad yelled "you're just like the rest of them!" And took off running out of the sanctuary. I remember tears filling my eyes as I was so convicted about judging others on their appearance. You could see the entire congregation tense and not know what to do. Before Dad even made it to the front doors though, he was stopped by several men. And after seeing him up close, they recognized him and knew something was going on. This was such a profound illustration and I am glad that Dad was given the opportunity to provide this lesson to so many just by having a beard.

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