Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Loving on Nora Kate

We are so blessed to go to church with some of the most thoughtful and amazing people!  They have truly seen us through some of the worst of times and they were ready to celebrate during the best of times!  On Sunday, they hosted a shower for Nora Kate.  I was hesitant to have a shower because of it being the second baby, but they insisted that they wanted to "love on her too".  We are so thankful for the out pouring of love for this sweet girl already!  
The amazing hostesses: Shannon, me, Carma, Mitzi and Lindsay
 We had a fun time and received lots of diapers and wipes that will be put to great use! :)  Along with some to die for outfits, blankets and accessories.  Honey came down for the fun too!
Thank you sweet friends for loving us and Nora Kate!

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