Monday, April 1, 2013

3rd Annual Hippity Hoppity Egg Hunt

Saturday was the Third Annual Hippity Hoppity Egg Hunt.  Because Easter came so early this year, we moved the hunt to the afternoon in case it was a little chilly.  The first year we did the hunt it was down right cold and we didn't want that to happen again!  Well, Mother Nature certainly didn't disappoint, she came through with an 80 degree day!  And I don't want to be the one to complain about warm weather, but it was hot!  
These three little ladies were ready to hunt!
 Daddy working hard to get the starting line ready.  Our group has grown so much that our old starting line just isn't long enough anymore, so Daddy saved the day!
 Travis was kind enough to help Stephen make sure to get it straight.  Not exactly sure what or how this worked, but it did! 
 These girls were a little confused about their technique...
 but it worked!
 All the hunters ready to race!  It would appear that we had a Sooner on our hands, but there was actually a bug in her basket and she needed it taken care of!  Who can blame her?!
 And they are off...
 Olive would only pick up pink or purple eggs! Ha!

 After the hunt was over, we attempted a group pic and this is the best I got.  At least there were no tears! 

 We were thankful Auntie Mica came down for the festivities!
 And Honey too!
 And Pop and Gipper!
 Our little family of 3!  Not much longer until we are 4!
Thank you to all of our sweet friends who came to help make this such a fun day!

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