Sunday, December 30, 2012

Until Next Year...

In Santa's letter that he left for Olive on Christmas morning, he let us know that Jovie would get to stay for Christmas day and that Olive could give her a hug before going to bed that night.  The cardinal sin for the elf on the shelf is touching it, but we knew she was going to be so sad to see her go, that we made an exception.  Olive was so careful and sweet with her, it really was so precious. 
 She hugged her and hugged her and thanked her for coming to our house.

 When she was finished saying goodbye, she carefully put her back so she could fly away to the north pole.
She has asked about her everyday since and today with a worried look on her face, she said "I sure hope Jovie is doing okay."  I love how much she loves Jovie!  It is like she is another member of our family.  I am curious if other kids are this attached to their elves or if Olive has some sort of weird elf fascination caused by having a Christmas crazed mother? Either way, the bond they have is pretty special!

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