Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day Snow Fun!

Stephen had told Olive several weeks ago that he still had his snow sled from when he was a little boy, so when she saw it snowing, she asked him where it was.  After an hour or so of digging through the attic, he found it!  We bundled up and headed outside! 

 She thought the sled was so cool!
 We are blessed with such great neighbors!  The Greens headed out to join us and the girls were so excited to sled together!
 Then they took turns pulling each other on Cora's sled which was super awesome and light weight!
 Then they attempted to have a snowball fight, but the snow was so fine, it didn't go very well.  It didn't stop them from trying though!

Here are a few videos from our snow adventure!  The giggles in these videos are my favorite!  

Then the Daddy's decided that the girls weren't the only ones who got to have a little fun!

And because boys will be boys (no matter their age), this happened... 
This is how little miss wanted to warm up from playing in the snow! 
Thanks Greens for the fun times and laughs!

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