Monday, December 17, 2012

Olive's Christmas Program

Last night was Olive's Christmas program at church.  Last year was a total disaster with someone refusing to wear the costume and not staying on stage.  We were hoping to accomplish those two things this year and she did!  Plus she even sang a couple of songs.  We were so proud!  Here come the little sheep! As she walked by and spotted us, she said "Hi Mommy! Where is Honey?"  She couldn't see Honey sitting down the aisle.  It made us all laugh that she was so concerned about where Honey was!
 Getting settled in on stage
 One Little, Two Little, Three Little Angels...this was her favorite song of the night.
  I think this picture is so sweet of Olive and Emma holding hands!
 Her cute little lamb tail was in the air for a lot of the night because she couldn't resist watching the big kids!
 Then she decided to keep Evan company on the floor for a few minutes.
 Sweet little sheep!
 After the program, she couldn't get to Honey fast enough!
 Thanks Mica and Isaac for coming to watch too! 
 We were so proud of our precious little lamb! 

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