Friday, December 14, 2012

The Norman Christmas Parade

The Norman Christmas Parade was Saturday and we were pumped that it wasn't ridiculously cold like last year!  Our sweet friends the Hales came with us to enjoy the festivities! Olive and Audrey were all set in the "Joy Wagon"
 We staked claim on the same corner we watched from last year directly across from the starting line. 

 She spotted "da ponies" immediately!  "Mommy! It is da ponies from da Boomer game!"
 And then the sugar craziness begun!  One person handed them candy and it was Halloween all over again!
 Look at these faces!  Don't forget us!
 Shaking hands with the Taco Casa Chicken
 Even sweet Griffin got in on the action by "catching" a football.
 Comparing candy
 The parade was REALLY REALLY long, so after about an hour and a full bag of candy, we decided to head home.  Thanks City of Norman for putting on such a fun event! Merry Christmas!

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