Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve at Honey's

We usually celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas day, but because of the weather forecast, we decided to celebrate on Christmas eve afternoon and then attend the candlelight service at Honey's church.  It actually worked out great and may be our "new way".  My parents got this tall tree a few years ago and I think it is so pretty!  Stocking side note: My Granny made Dad's stocking when he was a little boy and made my Mom one to match when they got married.  Several years ago, Dad's started to struggle a little, so they had it framed in the shadow box that is next to the tree.  I love it.  Granny also made Mica and I's stockings and on Olive's first Christmas, she had a special Granny stocking too!  I was really a little sad that the new baby wouldn't have a Granny stocking, but guess what!  When Mom was pulling out all of her Christmas, she found an extra that Granny had made!  All we have to do is add the name!  I cried, I was so excited! 
 Opening presents this year with Olive was so much fun!  As Mica was passing them out, she would exclaim "this one is for me toooo?" everytime Mica would add one to her stack!  She loved watching her stack grow!  At my Mom's we go in order from youngest to oldest to open presents one at a time and Olive was so patient waiting her turn.  There aren't very many of us, so it wasn't like she had to wait a super long time, but in years past this has been really hard.  Another sign of how much she is growing and changing. 
 She got some really fun presents and couldn't wait to start playing!
 She really enjoyed helping everyone else open their presents too!  At one point, she says "Isaac, I can help you open that, I like to help my friends."
 When they were all open, she couldn't get her hands on her Doc McStuffins kit fast enough to start giving check ups!  "Mica, I'm going to check your eyes, check your ears, find out how much you grow..."
 Christmas tea party time!
 After playing for awhile, we got ready to head to church.  Getting this little lady to smile AT the camera for a picture is such a fiasco, but we did manage a few cute pictures in front of the tree.  
Honey and Olive
 The last Link family Christmas tree picture with only 3 in the picture!
Somehow we missed one with Mica and Isaac in front of the tree, so here they are at church. 
We were off to celebrate at Pop's house next! Merry Christmas Eve!

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