Friday, December 14, 2012

Jovie is Back!

Olive has been asking for Jovie, our elf on the shelf,  pretty much since she left last Christmas.  We kept reminding her that she would be back in December.  She would tell everyone in "Recember" my elf is coming back.  We got our trees up a little earlier than Recember, so we decided to bring her back a little early.
 She couldn't have been more excited!  She saw her and ran straight to her room to put on her Jovie costume.  She was so proud and kept telling Jovie, "Look!  I look like you Jovie!"
 I thought she was going to stand and stare at her all day long! 
 Then of course we had to watch the movie!  One of the songs in the movie says "Christmas magic in this little elf."  This could not be more true for Olive!  She adores Jovie and it is so fun to see how happy she gets to see her every morning! 
I know that other people are super creative with their elves, but around here she just moves every day.  Nothing fancy, but the joy she brings is so unreal!  The first thing we do every morning is search for her and the last thing we do before bed is to tell her goodnight and to have a safe trip.  I will hear Olive talking in another room and ask what she said and she often replies, "I am not talking to you, I am talking to Jovie!"  I love the simplicity of this joy!  To us, it is a doll that moves around, but to her it is a friend who wants to see what she is doing and be a part of her little life.  We love Jovie!

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