Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Fun!

Olive has 4 little pumpkins that we were ready to decorate. She had been asking to paint them, so yesterday we got out the paint and she went to town!
Today we were ready to make their faces. I had cut out shapes from black cardstock for her to mod podge on. I was shocked at how much she liked this because her hands stayed pretty goopy the whole time!
Pick up the shape...
Stick it on...
And cover it with mod podge to make it stick!
Notice the paper clip in her hair? We had gone to the basement to get something and she spotted my container of colored paper clips. She grabbed one, ripped her bow out and said "My new bow!" Well, okay.
They turned out pretty cute!
We had a ton of left over shapes and she kept asking for another pumpkin, so we glued the rest to a paper pumpkin.
She would point to where she wanted the glue...
and then stick on the shape!
Admiring her work

Proudly displayed on the refrigerator!

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