Monday, October 3, 2011


Earlier this summer, I saw what I thought was a brilliant idea on Pinterest, painting with colored ice cubes! So we tried it and Olive was not a fan. It had something to do with the cold ice cube getting color all over her hands, let just say a FREAK OUT occurred. So then I saw someone else who had used little popsicle sticks in the ice cubes. This worked out MUCH better for us! She was so excited to "paint"!
Even Wrigley wanted in on the action!
I love the concentration on her face!
After a few minutes, she pushed the first paper away and started setting the cubes out one at a time. I was curious what her thought process was, so I actually used restraint and let her do it. (Pat on the back for me)

After she got them all out on the paper, she started singing the clean up song and put them back into the bowl one at a time.
Then she started the whole process over again. This time, I couldn't help it, I had to get involved and had her name the colors as she put them on the page. (Pat on the back for Olive for practicing colors)She continued this process of putting them all on the paper and then putting them all back in the bowl over and over about 5 times. Her masterpiece in progress.
Daddy came out to check on our progress and was impressed with our little artist!The finished product!Isn't it pretty?! It didn't dry quite this vibrant, but it still has a tie dye feel to it and I think it looks pretty special! Can't wait to see her next creation!

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