Saturday, October 1, 2011


Olive's school had a Bike-a-Thon fundraiser on Friday. I was super excited when I got the envelope because it reminded me of the Bike-a-Thon we used to do at my Elementary school. We would work so hard to get people to give us a penny or a nickel per lap that we did. Any donors who gave a quarter were big time! Then we would get up super early, put on our awesome Overholser bike-a-thon shirts (which were designed by a student in the school, I always hoped and prayed my design would get picked, it never did, again, not an artist) and head to Eldon Lyon park to ride laps around the parking lot. Pure JOY. I loved this event and looked forward to it every year. (WARNING: lots of pictures in this post, but I couldn't resist!)

Olive was pretty excited too, but more because her name was on her "bike". When we pulled into the parking lot, they had just started. Go Olive!
Sweet girl hasn't quite mastered pedaling, it may be due to the fact that her feet barely reach the pedals. But, she can push with the best of them!
(Side note, I know flip flops are not the best shoes for riding, but we had already had 2 battles over what she was wearing that morning, so we went with flips)

How about this helmet?! Stephen had taken her to visit our good friend Rob at Sun and Ski Sports the night before because they had to wear a helmet to ride. Getting her to wear it at home proved to be a task, but when she saw the other kids with their's on, she didn't seem to mind.

If you look behind the big ugly green dumpster, that is the house where Stephen and I lived until we bought our current house in 2007. Loved that old house.
Olive never lacks for enthusiasm and yelled "Whee!" anytime she would pick up speed.

The 3 Bears (get it?) who rode in the event.

We had so much fun watching our little rider!
Thank you to Olive's school for hosting such a fun event!

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