Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween Tradition

We love the street we live on! We were so blessed to have 5 babies born within 6 weeks of each other. Olive is the youngest of the original 5. We started a tradition their first Halloween of taking a group picture in their costumes. Let's take a walk down Halloween memory lane...
Liam, Cora, Knox, Avery and Olive
On the porch!
Liam, Cora
Olive, Knox and Avery
Our friend Avery moved during the next year, but we still had 4 to get together.
Liam, Olive
Cora and Knox

During the last year, 2 additional blessings joined our street! Elly, last December and baby Claire in September! And yes, Olive is wearing the same costume because she continues to refuse to wear her new one.
Olive, Cora, Knox
Liam, Claire and Elly
All of the parents were standing in the yard making the most ridiculous noises trying to get them to smile! It is so fun for Olive to have so many friends who are so close! Happy Halloween!

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