Monday, October 17, 2011

Aviation Festival

Every Saturday after Stephen and Olive go to the donut shop, they drive through the airport to see the airplanes. Most Saturdays, they get out of the truck and stand at the fence to look at them. So imagine how excited we were when we found out the Aviation festival was this weekend! We knew Olive would be so pumped! We were walking by the airplanes which she was so excited about and then she saw one of her favorite things in the whole wide world...A FIRETRUCK! I don't think I have ever seen her run toward something so fast! She knows where every single fire station is in Norman and will request certain routes home so that we can pass the fire station. After seeing if the doors are closed or open, she has to call Stephen to give him the full report. It usually sounds something like this "Daddy! The firetrucks! 2 open, 1 closed! I see red, yellow!" This is what she says even if it isn't accurate. She is always so devastated if all of the doors are closed and usually replies "OH MAN! THEY CLOSED!" with disgust in her voice. Getting to see one up close was so great! The nice fire chief even offered to take a family pic!
She got to check out all of the equipment...

A very happy little girl!
Next we checked out the "Mobile Command Unit" which is an all purpose computer and meeting center with a weather center inside on wheels. It was pretty impressive. Olive wanted to "drive" and use the radio.
Next she got to check out the helicopters!

And the airplanes!

Maybe someday she will be a pilot, or the fire chief, who knows?!
She and Daddy raced to the car when we were finished. She kept saying "run Daddy! faster!"

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