Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playing at the Park

Today Olive and I had so much fun with Dano and Honey at the park. We took her to the "Route 66 Park" by Lake Overholser and it is really neat! Of course, she loved swinging on the swings...

And going down the slide...
And playing in the tubes!
They have built an amazing walking trail that goes around the whole park, so we went for a little walk. They have bridges that take you into a "wetlands area" where they have information on wetlands and how important they are to our environment. We saw turtles, a snake, a beaver and lots of interesting birds on our adventure.
Dano, Honey, Olive and Barney posing on the bridge.

Mommy and Olive checking out the turtles.
Barney was very interested in the ducks! Olive thought they were pretty neat too.
As we were walking around the last turn, the tornado sirens started going off. You can see the clouds in the background rolling in. We called Granny to have her check the weather to make sure we weren't going to be blown away. Luckily, the severe weather was on the far east side of Canadian County but for some reason they sounded the sirens throughout the county. It made us walk a little faster to the car! :)
Olive was wiped out from our big adventure to the park.

Thank you Dano and Honey for the day of fun! We can't wait for many more park adventures!

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