Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bunko Prom 2010

Our bunko group has recently begun having "theme nights". In March, we "rolled for some green" and all wore green, April was "pajama night" and tonight was...Bunko Prom! At Eisenhower we have a costume closet that is loaded with old prom/bridesmaids dresses that I am sure were very stunning at one time. A LONG TIME AGO!! We busted them out and had a prom of our own, minus the dancing! Audrey was our host and made very special center pieces. And our sweet Ms. Darline made special prom dress napkins! Here are the lovely bunko babes all dolled up for prom!

And now for the prom court...
Representing the "Fabulous Necklace" class, Sara!
Representing the "Green Mermaid" class, Amber!

Representing the "pregnant" class, Deanna!

And the prom queen is.....Stacie!!

Thanks ladies for the fun night! I always have so much fun laughing with you! Congrats Stacie on your big win!

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