Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's Go Cubbies!

The Cubs played this weekend against the Texas Rangers, so we headed to Dallas to see them play. It was Olive's first road trip and we were a little nervous about being in the car for that long and staying in a hotel, but she was incredible! She loved watching "Baby Einstein" in the car.

We got on the road Saturday morning and got to spend the afternoon with our sweet friends, The Wilsons. They have 2 kiddos, Tanner and Ellie. Tanner is an energetic 2 year old and Ellie is a sweet 8 month old. Olive loved seeing them and they were so sweet to let her play in their play room for the afternoon. They came with us to Saturday night's game, which made it even more special! I can't believe that I didn't take any pictures of them! My camera was in the car :( Thanks Tanner and Ellie for letting us come over and play! We loved getting to spend time with you and your parents too!
Ready to head to Saturday night's game.
Cheering on the Cubs with Daddy.
We were going into extra innings, but Olive didn't mind! She was such a trooper, she hung in until the last out.
Cubs Win!! Cubs Win!! 5 to 4 in 10 innings.
The next morning Olive had a blast playing on the big fluffy bed. We piled the big down comforter into the middle of the bed and tossed her toys around her, she thought this was really something special!
Just chillin...
and then she found the big window!
We didn't spend much time in the hotel, because game time Sunday was 1:05. The forecast called for sunny skies and a high of 93 degrees! We covered her in sunscreen, plopped on her hat and we were off to cheer them on to another win.

"Go Cubbies!"
We were so lucky Sunday to have AMAZING tickets! We were on the 8th row right by the on deck circle directly behind the Cubs dugout. The only bad thing was the sun beaming down on us!
By about the top of the third inning when her little cheeks were the color of her dress, we realized her hat was making her hot. So, we tried to cover her head with her burp cloth instead,which she thought was pretty silly.
Olive and Mommy had to make several trips up to sit in the shade during the game. Considering that Stephen and I were burning up, she did amazingly well. Not much fussing at all!

Seventh inning stretch..."Take me out to the ballgame!

Sweet Lou Pinella
We thought we were going to see him throw one of his famous fits Saturday night over a bad call, but he managed to stay in control.

Before Olive melted, we decided to let her try some "Strawberry Lemon Chill". She thought it was delicious. (FYI: It is best to not look at the sugar content on those containers, just go with it!)

By the end of the 8th inning, she was done. I took her to the air conditioned bathroom and stripped her down to her diaper. She sat on the changing table so happy! :) We changed clothes and watched the last inning on the TV in the shade. She had a great time playing on the picnic table.

We don't think it is coincidence that the Cubbies won both games 5-4 and that Olive is 9 months old! She is definitely the good luck charm! We will be contacting the team management to see if they are interested in putting us on salary to travel with the team to continue the winning!

We had such a great weekend! Olive was crashed out before we even made it to the interstate and she slept from Arlington to Ardmore. She was a great traveler and we can't wait for our next trip.

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  1. So much fun!! She was quite the trooper! Super fun memories for your family!!! Oh, and I LOVE her Cubs outfits - too cute!!