Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Stephen and I are both so blessed to have the amazing gift of WONDERFUL mothers! We both have such incredible memories of fun times with our moms.
Stephen's mom, Grammy Tami watches over us from heaven everyday. Stephen was quite the Momma's boy growing up. In fact, he remembers not wanting to go to kindergarten, because he would have rather stayed at home and watch soaps with his mom. When he would come home from kindergarten, she would make him hot tea and he would sit in his room and listen to records. He never let her forget the day when "he had to walk home from kindergarten and she wasn't there, so he fell asleep for hours on the porch swing." No one really knows for sure how much truth is in this story! She was always his #1 fan. We watch videos of his baseball games from high school and college and you can hear her "Come on, Stephen!"

We know that she would have absolutely adored Olive. In fact, we laugh that we may have had to ask for permission to even see her! Grammy Tami is Olive's special guardian angel who watches over her at all times. She wanted so badly to be a grandma and we can't wait for the day that we get to introduce her to Olive.

I was also blessed with an amazing mom! She is one of the most encouraging people I know. She always gives you a call, or sends a card when you need it the most. She also has a contagious laugh! My sister and I tease her about things all the time, but she has always made us laugh! She makes hands down the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the entire universe! You can ask anyone who has tried them. Last year, she even came and made them with my class. They agreed that they were the best. My mom is one of those people you can't help but like and want to be around. She surrounds you with love and acceptance, no matter what. I hope that I can someday be like this.

Olive is lucky to have her Honey who loves her so much. Honey taught her to say "Tada" which technically is her first phrase. They have so much fun together giggling.

Thank you, Honey for all that you do. We love you and we are so grateful for you.

To all of the Moms out there...Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Haha!! i was just telling Kredence about your moms chocolate chip, and Snickerdoodle cookie's yesterday!!
    Best indeed!