Monday, May 10, 2010

Olive Goes To Kindergarten

Every day my class has a "sharing time" and each student has an assigned sharing day. No one shares on Monday, so they have decided that Monday is Mrs. Link's sharing day and they have been begging me to bring Olive for sharing. So, today was the day! She got to go to kindergarten and she loved it! They were so excited to see her and show her all of the things that they do. They all took turns holding her and she sat in the middle of the circle and did "tricks" for them. Every time she would squeal, they would laugh hysterically. She loved climbing on them and just being there. They were really sweet to her and tried to be great examples of how you behave in kindergarten, so she would know what to do!

They thought if they patted the floor she would crawl towards them.
"Hey friends! Watch me try to stand up!"
Patty caking for the crowd. What a ham! :)

After she left, they started asking if she would come back next Monday. "If you give a mouse a cookie..."

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