Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We decided to have a special treat before trick or treating...Smores! This may be because we want to start a fun tradition and it may also have something to do with Mommy loving smores so much. Not really sure which is more important! Daddy got the fire going and everything ready for us. Olive worked hard to make sure her marshmallow was on just right.
Then Daddy showed her how to warm it up. and blow it out!

I am sure there is someone out there who is just dying to know...did she wear her Buddy costume? No...but in one last ditch effort, we did turn on Elf before getting ready just to help put the thought in her mind. It didn't work. I tried to snap a few pictures on the porch, but she wasn't having it because she saw her friends Knox and Elly across the street. "I go see them?!!"
Sweet Knox giving Olive her first piece of candy of the night!
We went to several houses with Knox and Elly and then they decided to call it quits, so we went down the rest of the street just the 3 of us! Olive didn't quite understand to say "trick or treat" usually when we say "what do you say?" the response is "thank you" so that was her phrase! They would open the door and she would hold out her bucket and say "thank you!" It was sweet to say the least. "Come on Daddy, stop chatting with the neighbors, there is more candy to get!"Our next stop was Pop's house. We went inside to relax for a minute. Then she was ready to keep going!
Our last stop was our sweet neighbors Bob and Dean's house. Their yard is where Olive collects acorns, so convincing her to leave the acorns alone and go to the door was a little bit of a challenge! We had a great night trick or treating. And the Buddy costume is hanging nicely in the closet, ready for next year! (I HOPE!)

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