Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leaf Pile!

Saturday morning we loaded up and went to the donut shop. I was actually allowed to go on this special day because it was Daddy's Birthday Eve and we were celebrating. When we got home, we made a big pile of leaves in the front yard to play in. Olive had a BLAST! At first she only wanted to jump in if I held her hand, but by the end, she was running from across the yard and jumping in! We were so lucky to have a warm day so she could play outside and in short sleeves! I have to warn you, this is a super long post with tons of pictures, but they are some of the favorite pics I have ever captured of her "in action"! When she woke up from her nap, she immediately asked to go back to play in the pile. Here is hoping for more warm days so we can leaf jump!
(Side note about the butterfly shirt, in case anyone has noticed that every post from a Saturday she is wearing it. She wore this butterfly shirt ONE time to the donut shop and it has since become her "donut shop uniform". She refuses to wear anything but this shirt on Saturday mornings. Silly girl!)

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