Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We had some friends over today for a "Kids-Giving" and they had a great time! We started out by creating "costumes". They got to choose if they wanted to make a pilgrim hat or a Native American head piece. And since most of them had no clue what we were talking about, the feathers did the convincing and that was the most popular choice. Olive and Avery diligently working on their headpieces.Eleanor and Cora adding the shapes!
Our single male warrior, Luke, feathering his head piece!And sweet Lil representing the pilgrims with pride, adding her shapes.
It was so funny after they were all finished, they went into the bathroom to look at themselves in the mirror! Avery would help them stand on the stool to see themselves!
Next it was time to make fancy bread for our sandwiches. They used milk with food coloring in it to paint on the bread and then we toasted it to make sandwiches.
Such lovely birds!
Dig in!
We made another craft using feathers and egg cartons. The feathers were hard to stick in. Avery and Olive proudly displaying their finished birds. Cora and Eleanor stuck the feathers in and then pulled them right back out, so they ended up with bald turkeys. I guess theirs were ready to be cooked! We are so thankful for special friends and making special memories!

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