Sunday, July 17, 2011


Olive has quite the vocabulary these days and some of the things she says are so funny! I wanted to make a little list so that we can look back on it one day and giggle!

"I hochoo" translation: "I hold you."

"A Strawp" translation: "Sonic"

"O'er deeeeer" translation: "Over there"

"Happy Dueday Mica!" translation "Happy Birthday Mica"

"Iscrean" translation "icecream" typically said when passing Orange Leaf..

"Ca Park!!" translation "the park!"

"blankalet or blanquet" translation "blanket"

"Dragon" translation "Travis"

"I doe like dat" (followed by shaking her head no) translation "I do not like ___ (that , what you are trying to make me do, etc)"

"Jesus Jesus" translation "Sing Jesus Loves the Little Children"

"Wrigleylou!" translation "Wrigley Lou"

"Oyedoit" translation "Ollie do it"

"I haelp you" translation "I help you"

"Da water?" translation "Let's go swimming!"

"Hi Mommy, Howyoutoday?" translation "Hi Mommy, How are you today?"

"Woo woo, emergency!" translation "I see a fire truck"

"Yum! Balls!" translation "Yummy donut holes"

"Blue and yellow? Blue and yellow?" translation "Can I play with play doh?"

She is also really good at remembering names and will start the Where? game at least 4 times a day. This involves her asking where anyone she has ever met is. It usually starts with her friends and then as soon as she gets to someone who I respond "they are in Texas" then she starts on her list of Texas people!

I absolutely LOVE hearing her sweet little voice talking, but it has made us realize that there will NEVER be another quiet moment in our house! Sweet girl talks all the time...oh what we have to look forward to! :)

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