Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

On the Fourth, we met up with the Beverages, Villanis and Jules to watch the Brookhaven Parade. I have to admit, I love 4th of July parades, they are so nostalgic. It reminds me of watching the Bethany parade every year. Stephen thought I was a little crazy when I was disappointed that Norman didn't have a parade, but never fear, there are several neighborhood ones and we were all able to enjoy it!

Molly and Olive waiting for the parade to begin

(fake smiles #1 of the day)

Stephen and Adrian were pretty excited too!

Jules, our beautiful yard hostess, and the girls

Here it comes! Olive was so excited about the "emergency"

"hi emergency!"

At the end, the Daddys jumped in to let the girls think they were in the parade.

Grady sportin' the shades. So cool.

Olive and Molly with fake smiles #2 of the day! Cici "invited" us all over to swim for the afternoon and pool progress was made! Olive actually calmly got into a float and Molly jumped off the side into the water with no one catching her! Thank you Cici for the fun afternoon of swimming!

After nap time, I wanted to try to recreate the picture we took in front of our big flag last year. Let's just say, that didn't happen, but I got a few cute ones.

We couldn't wait to see the fireworks! Last year Olive never saw them because of the rain and the ridiculous reschedule for November, so we were excited to see her reaction.



Still waiting...

Here they go! She was in awe! She kept saying "so pretty!"


Then she started calling out the colors.

"Yeah fireworks!"

She was very disappointed they were over and the whole way home kept saying "fireworks all gone?" We are so thankful to live in a free country and so grateful for those who fought to make it this way! Thank you! God Bless America!

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