Sunday, July 17, 2011

Olive's New "Treehouse"

I know that I have mentioned before how blessed we are to have incredible friends. But they have now taken their "awesomeness" to a whole new level! When Dad started getting really sick, one day he was really upset and told me that he wasn't supposed to be in the hospital, he was supposed to be taking Olive to Home Depot and building her a playhouse. This was something he had talked about since she was born and I am pretty sure if we looked around in his garage, he probably has a drawing of that "playhouse" somewhere. Well, I had told my friend Deanna that he had said that. Little did I know, she and her husband Adrian took that to heart and decided that if Dad couldn't build Olive a playhouse, they were going to rally the troops and make it happen. Project "Do It For Dano" was born. They worked with all of our other amazing friends for over 2 months to purchase and build (all on Saturday, 4.5 hours plus 6 men) and SURPRISE both Olive and Mommy with the playhouse! We came home Saturday to a driveway full of friends and I had no clue what was going on! Then we went into the backyard to see what was happening and we couldn't have been more surprised to see this... How cool is that?!! She even has her own special street sign!!

It took me awhile to figure out why everyone would be gathered at our house for Olive to get a playhouse and then Deanna explained how special this playhouse is!

Olive is absolutely in heaven! She calls it her "treehouse" and woke up this morning asking to see it. Her favorite part is the doorbell that rings and she rings it EVERY time she goes in or out of the house!

It has everything a modern day kitchen has, a really nice cordless phone...
and a service window...

and a sink and range...

and a really awesome clock! What more could you need?!

This evening she went into play and wouldn't come out! We were worried about her getting too hot, so Stephen got her Sonic water to drink (brilliant thinking!)

But she had different plans for the water and it quickly got poured into bowls and served as "soup, so yummy"

I wonder if we will ever get a picture of her in the playhouse without a spoon in her mouth!
Seriously, this must be some good soup!

She even serves "soup to go!"

Most blessed little girl in the whole wide world!

It was so hot on Saturday when the "big reveal" took place that I don't think I understood the magnitude of this incredible gift! I am so overwhelmed by the love of everyone who had a part in building this playhouse for Olive. There is no greater tribute anyone could have made to my Dad than to make sure his little Olive had the playhouse of her dreams. Thank you to everyone who contributed and who kept this incredible secret for so long! Olive couldn't be happier and her Mommy couldn't feel any more blessed to have such amazing people in our lives. We love you! Come over for some soup, I can tell you, it is YUMMY!!


  1. Wow!!! What an amazing gift in so many ways!! So happy for you guys!!! We sure miss you! Grace & Peace, Richard & JeannaLynn