Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grammy Blanket

You know those days when you feel really crummy and all you want is your favorite blanket? Olive had one of those days on Sunday. She had been up most of the night with what we are calling the "stomach plague" and she still wasn't great the next morning. We had washed all of her bedding and I pulled it out of the dryer and she spotted and grabbed her "Grammy blanket" and carried it around with her for the rest of the day.
Stephen's mom loved babies, i mean LOVED babies. As Stephen's friends started having children, Tami started knitting these beautiful blankets for all of the babies. She also made them for new babies who were born at the Ponca City hospital. They are so beautiful and soft. When we announced we were pregnant, we had so many special friends offer to give us the blankets she had made for their children. But luckily, she had extras on hand that she kept "just in case" someone needed one and they were all girl colors. So Olive has her very own collection of "Grammy blankets" and no one else had to give theirs up. She sleeps with it every night and it is obviously a great comfort to her.

Where's Olive?

There she is!

I asked her to give the blanket a kiss and this is what I got...
She loves it!

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