Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY by the kinders

I have a very creative group of kindergartners in my class this year. They are constantly creating things out of paper...make up compacts, recycle bins, boats, the list goes on and on. A couple of weeks ago, they decided to start making things for me to take home to Olive. This trend started simple with little pictures and cards and then grew and grew. One day they asked me if she knew her numbers, when I told them that she knew her numbers up to 10, they decided to make her a hopscotch rug to practice going to 24. They glued the piece of paper together and wrote each number on their own. They were so proud when they finished! I brought it home to show her and she loved it! At first she just walked on it saying the numbers out loud.
Then I showed her how to jump from number to number and she gave that a try!
Even Daddy got in on the action!

They also made her a purse that had different pieces of jewelry in it. She wasn't really sure what to think about the jewelry, but she loves the purse!

They have a dress for her in the works! We will see what they come up with next!

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