Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Baskets and Eggs

Olive had several Easter baskets to open and she got the first one on Saturday from Dano and Honey.
Daddy helped her open her eggs which contained...
Then on Sunday, she got her special basket from Auntie M and Uncle Isaac.
which contained...
another favorite, BUBBLES!
This girl loves her bubbles!
They sure know her well...bubbles and money! :)
Then it was time to hunt for eggs, inside since it was pouring rain outside!
She searched the whole house!
Even Dano had an egg hiding on him!
Checking out all of her eggs...
"Ooooh!!! More Money!!"

"Now how do I get this back together?"
"Tank tu Dano, I yuv you."

Thank you for all of the eggs which I now spread ALL over the house! Mommy loves those eggs!

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