Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Annual Hippety Hoppety Egg Hunt

Saturday morning (despite the chilly temperature) we had the first annual Hippety Hoppety Egg Hunt at Lion's Park! There were 17 kiddos there to hunt for some eggs. Olive had so much fun with all of her favorite friends (minus a few)! We can't wait to do it again next year!

This is the view of Olive we had for most of the day!

Addi and Campbell were ready to start hunting!Everyone lining up!
Traci and Dano were such great starting line attendants!
Ready, Set...
Olive was so excited to take off running, I am not sure she knew why everyone was running and screaming, but she joined right in!
Then she figured it out and she was like an egg grabbing machine! She kept saying "one more!"
Sweet Eleanor was a little more diligent in her egg gathering,
carefully picking them up one at a time.
Everyone was hunting like crazy!
Even Grady got in on the action!
Molly was checking out the loot in the eggs as she gathered them.
I think a sneaky little someone had her eyes on Molly's eggs.

Daddy opened one of the eggs and it had the golden prize in it...
Then we thought it would be a great idea to get a picture of all of the kiddos together. Olive wasn't having it. I am not sure what her problem is with group pictures lately! UGH!
From left to right, Row 1:Ava, Jenna, Layla, Gray, Grady, Anna, Olive
Row 2: Addison, Molly, Campbell, Avery, Luke, Nolan, Salyer
Row 3: James (not pictured: Alden, Eleanor)
I think considering we were herding cats, this is a pretty good group pic!
Then they all had to check out what was in the eggs!

And the day wouldn't have been complete without a little swinging!
Olive and Salyer
We were so happy Dano and Honey got to come play too!
Thank you to everyone that came despite the yucky weather! Hopefully next year Mother Nature will cooperate a little better!
Hoppy Easter!

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