Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not So Fun in the Sun

I bought Olive the cutest little swimming pool at Target on Monday to help celebrate the "unofficial beginning of summer." I was so excited to put her in it! I knew she would love it!
Here she is all ready to go swimming!! Have you ever seen anyone look cuter in a swimsuit!?

Well, I was so excited that apparently I wasn't thinking clearly. Because instead of easing her into the cold water from the water hose and letting her put her feet in and play first, I SAT HER IN THE COLD WATER!! Needless to say, she totally freaked out. We didn't even get pictures because she was so hysterical. So, Daddy and Dano took pitchers of hot water out to warm up the pool...
And, she still hated it!
I finally got her to stand for a second, but she was still not impressed.

Maybe Daddy can convince her to go in...nope!

She was happiest sitting on the bench on the back porch watching the crabby pool from a distance.

On Tuesday, I took her out just to look at the pool and as we walked closer to it, she started screaming again. We had emptied the water, so Stephen climbed in and she would still have nothing to do with it. Off to Target to get a different pool and next time we will ease in to the water!

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