Monday, June 7, 2010

10 months!

Olive, you turned 10 months old yesterday! We can not believe how fast the time with you is going! It seemed like it took forever for you to get here and already we have gotten to spend 10 months with you! Every day gets better and better!

You have one tooth that is about 1/2 way in and you look so cute when you smile! You have a real personality these days. You fake laugh anytime you hear people laughing or coughing or when you know you are being funny. You love to babble all of the time and you can say the words, "Mama, Dada, Bye Bye, Hi, Tada, Baby and Wheee!" We love hearing you talk and make silly sounds. Your favorite silly sound is a strange growling noise and clicking your tongue. You are pulling up on everything! The last few days you have been letting go and trying to balance on your own. You stood by yourself today for about 5 seconds and clapped while doing it! You have also started trying to climb things, which keeps Mommy and Daddy really busy. You have been crawling for a while now and you are very fast! You are going through a picky eating stage, which we really hope is only a stage. You LOVE yogurt and will eat anything that is covered in yogurt, which is how we trick you into eating! You like to pick dry things up to eat, but you aren't so sure about anything wet or slimy. You still love to be outside and your favorite thing to do is swing. You will play in your swing for hours! We love sitting out under the big tree and pushing you in the swing in the evenings. You really love Wrigley and you like to mess with her anytime she is in sight. Luckily, she doesn't mind having her fur pulled or for you to stick your fingers in her mouth.

We love you more than you can even imagine! We can't wait for many more adventures to come!

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