Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Heavy Hearted

I am unbelievably heavy hearted for a sweet couple that we know tonight. They had to face the unthinkable and deliver their precious baby at only 18 weeks because it did not have a brain or a skull. I can not even begin to fathom the agony that they are going through right now. Please take the time to lift M & S up in prayer, they need comfort that only God can provide. As I rocked Olive to sleep tonight I just couldn't keep the tears from falling. I am so grateful that she is perfect. It makes me feel so bad that I get frustrated with her ever. I wish that instead of wondering why she is screaming, I will be grateful that she has a voice that works. When she goes crawling into the laundry room to try to steal Wrigley's food, I will be grateful that she can crawl. When she spits food, I will be grateful that she has the ability to eat. I know that so many parents have to deal with terrible problems with their children that come in the form of multiple disabilities and I have to remind myself how lucky we are! Thank you God for giving us this precious angel here on earth. I know there is a special angel in heaven waiting with open arms for their sweet baby to join her. She may not be able to hold our baby here, but she will love on M & S's baby with all of her heart.

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