Thursday, May 31, 2012

Martin Nature Park Adventure

We loaded up and took a little trip up to Martin Nature Park.  I have so many fun memories of this place from my childhood and I was excited to see if Olive would love it too! 
They have a great playground and that is where we started the adventure!

 Molly and Olive acting out a scene from Super Mario brothers! :)
 When it was time to go on the trail, Avery led the way!  I think these are the sweetest pictures!

 Poor Luke was feeling a little out numbered with all of these girls!  Grady was riding in his stroller so Luke didn't have a boy to walk with and he certainly wasn't going to walk with the girls!
 When we walked onto the porch of the Education Center, this little friend was climbing down the wall.  I don't know whether to be concerned or happy that Olive walked right up to it and started singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider! 
 She is really weird about "buggies" around her at our house or the park, but I think since this one was so gigantic, she may have thought he was an animal instead of a spider and so that made her not afraid!
 Inside they got to check out the birds...
 and the bunny...
 and several different insects and spiders.
 They had a small microscope for the kids to look through and they loved looking at all of the different rocks, nuts and feathers!

 After a picnic lunch, we headed out on one of the trails for a little hike!
 The parade marching through the woods.  Anna carried Olive most of the way! Thanks Anna!  Along the path, Olive announced that she saw a dinosaur in the woods.  Hmmm...a big foot sighting perhaps?!
 Group pic!  Luke was too busy exploring the trails up ahead to join the pic and Lorelei chose to stay in her stroller, but everyone else looks so happy to be hiking!
What a fun day!  When we got in the car Olive said "We need to bring Daddy here.  He would love the green twisty slide!" I think we will be making several more trips up there this summer!  Thanks friends for the fun outing!

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