Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

A few months ago I shared that I had started running.  I was originally training to participate in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon relay, but about 6 weeks ago, several of the relay team members began experiencing health problems that were going to prevent them from being able to complete their leg of the race.  So I decided to start training a little harder and to run the half marathon.  I have to admit that running has NEVER been my thing.  I never even considered considering it as on option for "my thing".  I know a lot of people have "run a marathon or a half marathon" on their bucket list, but it was something I had never given any thought to at all.  Until January.  I got a facebook message from a girl at church encouraging people to consider running and that is where it started.  Stephen (and probably most of my friends) would tell you that I became obsessed with it.  It took me awhile to figure out what I like about running so much but then at about mile 10 on Sunday I realized it.  I like running because it lets me feel like I am in control of something.  I don't depend on anyone or anything other than my body for running, so I feel like it is dependent entirely on me.  So much of my life the last several years has been completely out of my control, that I like having this feeling! Of course, I realize that ultimately God is in control and that I depend on my wonderful support system, but it gives me a sense of control that I haven't had.  And so this long explanation brings me to the pictures of the third biggest day of my life: accomplishing running a half marathon!
Here is our church running group. (minus a few)  Most of them left me in the dust, but here we are all together waiting for the race to start!
 Tabitha, Carma, Michelle and I (I was the only girl first timer in the group)
I was honored to run in honor of Rona Chafey, one of the 168 victims of the 1995 bombing.  Her daughter Misty went to High School with me, so I wore her name on my back during the race.  The race is such an amazing tribute to the people who were effected by the bombing.  Before the race began, there was a 168 second moment of silence to remember each of the victims.  And all along the course there were banners with each of their names on them.  They call it a "Race to Remember" and it is such a neat way to remember the people who were taken so tragically that day.

 Race details are probably very boring to non-runners, but I was proud of myself for running without walking for the first 6 miles and then I walked a little on and off from there. I ended up having to stop to use the bathroom around mile 9 and I have kicked myself for it ever since.  My goal finish time was 2 hours and 30 minutes.  My official time was 2:31:43.  1 minute and 43 seconds over my goal.  AAAAHHH!!! But I am blaming it on the pit stop and am trying to convince myself that if I hadn't stopped, I would have made my goal.  When I was about 20 yards from the finish line I saw a mint green jacket suddenly start waving wildly out of the corner of my was Misty, Anna and Deanna!  I was so excited to see someone that was there to cheer for me!  Anna snapped some pictures but because of the rain (and how fast I was running hahaha!!!) they turned out a little blurry.  I like this one because you can tell how excited I am to see them!
 They met up with me on the other side of the finish line! I am so grateful that they came to support me in the pouring rain!
 Stephen, Olive, Mom, Mica and Isaac were waiting on the other side and somehow missed seeing me come across.  I called Stephen and he said "We are looking for you! Where are you?" and I had to tell him that I had been finished for at least 15 minutes!  But with 27,000 runners, I know it was really hard to spot someone!  They met up with us and I was so happy they were there too!
My 2 biggest fans

 Olive thought my medal was really awesome and couldn't keep her hands off of it!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on my new adventure and for the encouragement you have given me to keep going!  I wouldn't have been able to do it without your love and support!  Now, who is running the next one with me?

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