Monday, April 9, 2012

The 2nd Annual Hippity Hoppity Egg Hunt

Saturday was the Second Annual Hippity Hoppity Egg Hunt with some of our favorite friends! We were so thankful for beautiful weather!
DISCLAIMER: I did not do a good job taking pictures. I am missing pictures of at least half the people who were there. I guess unless you walked right in front of me, I didn't take a picture. Oops! But here are some of the ones I did capture!
Here they are ready to hunt!
My little hunter waiting "patiently" for the fun to begin!
Ready, Set...

Sheer determination on her face!
Avery has to know where the good eggs are! I will follow her!
Hmmm...where to look next?
I didn't find an egg, but I did find Audrey! Let's go!
New strategy: Follow Luke! He has to know where the good eggs are, look how fast he is running!After all of the eggs had been found, we tried to take a group picture. There are several friends missing from the picture, but I think it turned out decent considering we were herding cats!
Molly, Audrey, Gray, Olive, Olivia, Addison, Campbell, Anna, Liam, Cora, Emma, Grady, Eleanor, James, Savannah, Salyer, Nolan, Emma and Evan
Missing from the picture: Avery, Luke, Hunter, Gracie, Ava, Alden, Lorelei, Crosby, Claire, Bea, Halle and Lillian (I think that is everyone)
And just for comparison sake...last year's group attempt. I would say this years was much improved! After the group picture we all got to enjoy some delicious treats in the beautiful sunshine!
James, Lorelei and Eleanor
The Roger's family: Korry, Evan, Emma and Carma
Evan may or may not be Olive's arranged husband :)
The neighborhood crew: the Greens and the Carrs
Me and my sweet chickadee!
Savannah and Crosby
Molly and Grady-man
The Stayton Boys
After snacks, we headed back to the playground for more fun!

Olive and Lil "watching a movie"

We are so thankful that Auntie Mica got to come!
And Honey too!
Our little fam
We had such a fun day! Thank you to all of our friends for helping to make this day so special!

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