Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter fun!

We had a great Easter! Olive woke up to find her special Easter basket full of goodies waiting for her!She spotted little Rosie and Percy and took them straight to her tracks to start playing. She didn't even look at the rest of her basket!
We got ready for church and had just a few minutes to try to snap some pictures. Rosie and Percy had to be in the pictures too!
Daddy and his sweet girl!
Mommy's girl...full of giggles!
Our family of 3! (Thank goodness I have learned how to set the timer on the camera!)
After church we headed up to Route 66 Park for our annual Easter celebration with the Wood family. I think this was the 25th annual Wood Easter event and the first time that we celebrated somewhere other than their house, but it worked out perfectly! Olive spent most of the day like this...

Even Daddy and Mica got in on the playground fun!

Sweet Gavin and Olive became instant friends...really Olive became Gavin's shadow. This is pretty much the only picture from the entire day where she isn't following him. We took them over to the pond and walking trail to see the ducks and turtles.
They were so excited to feed the ducks!

And then they scared all of the poor ducks away...
Uncle Isaac had decided that they needed to kites to play with. This was the ONLY day EVER in Oklahoma that there was no wind, so not ideal kite flying weather, but we tried our best!

"Hey Olive! Isaac has one for you too!" I have never seen her run so fast!

So excited to try it out!
Daddy followed her trying to help it catch some wind.

Olive soon realized that chasing a flying kite squealing is much more fun than trying to fly your own!
After the kite fun, she played with bubbles for awhile.

And then we headed back to the playground!

Serving lunch to Honey.
We topped off the fun day with some time on the swings!
Gavin decided to play "duck" and duck underneath Olive while she was swinging. They both thought this was HYSTERICAL!
It was so funny that then they both had to duck from the empty swings!
Mica and Isaac had a special basket full of goodies for Olive that they gave her before we left.
We had such a great day with family and special friends! And this girl was wiped out!
More Easter fun was in store! Stay tuned for our Easter with Pop.

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