Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today, We Remember

Today we remember. We remember the last moments we were able to share with Stephen's Mom, Grandma and Aunt. We remember all of the memories that include them. We remember the valuable lessons that they taught us. We remember the laughter that we shared the night before they went to heaven. We remember the long talks. We remember the special way they made us feel. We remember what it was like for them to be here with us.
It was 4 years ago today that they were taken away from us so suddenly. It still feels surreal to really think about it. Things like triple murders happen on the movies, in other towns, to other people, not to us. But it did. In an instant, they were taken to heaven to be with Jesus and the angels. Selfishly, we wish they were still here, but we take comfort knowing how happy they are! It makes us so sad that Olive will never know her Grammy or Grandma Bishop. But we know they will live on through her. She says good night to their pictures every night and we hope that she will get to "know" them, even though she won't get to meet them until she joins them in heaven.
We love you both and we miss you every day.

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