Monday, September 12, 2011

Monkey Bar Madness!

Last week I took Olive to the park and she said "monkey bars, Mommy!" I thought, how in the world does she know about monkey bars?! We went toward the monkey bars and she climbed up on the platform and I stood under the monkey bars to catch her. She then says "Moooooove Mommy!" and motioned me out of the way. WHAT?! So I told her that Mommy couldn't move, so she proceeded to jump off the platform and hang from the monkey bars! I thought I was in another universe! What had just happened?! My little girl who is scared of going on the bridge and scared of tunnels suddenly thought she could do the monkey bars! I knew Stephen wouldn't believe me, so we went back to the park a few days later for him to experience the phenomenon himself.
Climbing like a pro and getting frustrated if you get to close to her to keep her safe.
Possibly my favorite part is when she stands at the top of the platform, she says "I go for it, Olive!"

And again...

Stephen tried to help her understand that you actually go across monkey bars, not just swing and drop.

But it was more fun to drop!

Then she wanted to jump to Mommy.

The monkey bars were so much fun, but she had to do a few of her favorites before we left.

I assumed that her new found courage and monkey bar experience must have come from school, so I asked her teachers about the monkey bars on Friday. The explained that the monkey bars are off limits for the Bears class because they are too tall and they could get hurt. So, the question is...where did our little monkey develop her love for the monkey bars? We still don't know! It scares me (and terrifies Stephen) a little to think that she may some day attempt this new found trick with no one there to catch her, so we will be following her very closely at the park from now on!

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