Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day FULL of fun!

We had the opportunity to attend 2 birthday parties for special friends today at the neatest places! The first party was for Olive's friend, Paisley, and it was held at the Tiger Safari in Tuttle. The second party of the afternoon was for Avery, and it was at the Orr Family Farm. We were excited to celebrate their birthdays at such fun places!
WARNING: Extremely long post ahead with a lot of pictures. These were such great experiences, I had to document a lot! :)

At the Tiger Safari, the first stop is the Tortoise exhibit. They let the kids get in and touch and RIDE the tortoises! Olive wasn't about to ride one, and it took quite a bit for Daddy to convince her to touch one.

The next stop was getting to feed the deer. Olive loved giving the animal crackers to the deer!
Next we went to the petting area. The people interested in touching the animals sit on the front row, the people who don't want to pet the animals sit on the 2nd row. When Mommy who is terrified of snakes, heard that the first animal was an Burmes Python, she went to about the 20th row.
Can you tell how far away I am? I was zoomed in as far as I could go and this was the best shot I got. Seriously, I wanted to throw up that there was a snake in our presence and then my daughter wanted to pet it.
The next animal was some sort of dragon. She liked it too!
After the dragon lizard went back in it's cage, she was showing us what his tongue looked like!
The next animal she got to pet was a ferret. Mommy is really not a fan of these either, but I am not terrified so I could stay close.
Olive is not so good at sitting and waiting her turn for anything, so when the nice guide would start telling us about the animals, Olive would run to the road and jump off of the rocks until the next animal came out.
The last animal was a Kinkachu, a South American raccoon. It was pretty cute, and Olive liked touching it's tail.

When we approached the bird cage, the guide asked if there was anyone who liked to jump up and down and scream. Well, this is Olive's specialty, so she was pumped. Apparently, the louder you scream the more excited the birds get.
Olive and Paisley doing a little screaming.
Then we got our first view of the tigers! It amazes me how HUGE they are!
Mommy and Olive checking out the lion.
The tigers in the next cage were so impressive. They let Paisley use a long stick to feed the tigers chicken legs. Look at these guys!
Aren't they beautiful?
We weren't able to stay to see the rest of the exhibits or to see Paisley open her presents but we had a great time while we were there! Thank you Paisley for inviting us! We hope you had a great time! We will definitely be making another trip to the Tiger Safari!

When we got to the Orr Family Farm, our group was in the petting barn. Olive was pumped to touch more animals! "A baby horse!" "sweet baby horse"
We all moved into the special room where the performing pig sings the birthday girl a special song. Eleanor and Olive were excited when the curtain opened.
Then Olive decided she was scared and jumped in Daddy's lap. Look how she is gripping his shirt! Poor girl is scared of singing pigs.
All Aboard! We got on board the train for a ride around the property.
Olive loved the train ride!
Stephen taking pictures of Anna taking pictures.
Olive asked to ride this horse, which I thought she would leap off of as soon as it started moving, but she liked it!

Next, we headed to the party barn for cupcakes and presents. Here is the sweet 6 year old birthday girl, Avery, in her special birthday hat! Olive and Eleanor enjoying their treats!
The sugar must have done something to them, because they started running laps around the tables. This lasted a good 15 minutes before they got tired.
We finished our fun day with a ride on the carousel.
Happy Birthday Avery! We hope you had a great day. Thank you for sharing your special day with us, we had so much fun!

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