Saturday, March 5, 2011

Olive Is Officially A Diva...

Olive has been needing a haircut for awhile now, because of these two beauties...
It isn't as obvious when it is dry, but it just needed to be "cleaned up" a little.
My Mom did her very first trim last summer, but we decided it was time for her to get a "big girl" haircut. So, this morning, we headed over to see Jenny (the sweetest and best hair girl in OKC) at Diva Salon. She freaked out when we tried to put the cape on her and I think it made Jenny a little nervous. We just went without the cape and I handed her my phone. She played with my phone the whole time and didn't really even realize what was happening. Auntie M was so sweet to come along to take pictures and to play with Olive in the car while Mommy got a much needed haircut too! Thanks Auntie M!
The first snip...

Good bye weird, long, curly piece!

So pretty!

Thank you Jenny!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! That is the cutest hairstyle I've ever seen!!!