Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Love Christmas Lights!

We have really enjoyed looking at Christmas lights this year! We started out Saturday night by going to the Down's Family Christmas off of Highway 9. They have a great light show that is set to music! Olive loved watching the lights and dancing.
Her favorite part was dancing in the floor board!
Then Monday night, we decided to go to Chickisha to their "Festival of Light". We thought it would be so fun to let Olive walk through and just knew she would be fascinated by all of the lights. Unfortunately, the lights brought out her naughty side and this is how we spent most of the night...

We were able to get a few good pictures though!

She was very happy to walk by herself and go where she wanted. (Which is a little hard considering there is water, cords everywhere, people everywhere and cars) But okay, little one!

Our favorite lights to look at are the ones on our house! They were a little late going up, because of our new roof and gutters, but Daddy did an AMAZING job. They look beautiful.
The building out back even has lights!

Thank you Stephen for making our house look so pretty! They are our favorite lights!

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