Monday, December 13, 2010

6 Years

Stephen and I celebrated 6 years of marriage this weekend! We look at the pictures from our wedding and almost don't recognize these two young love birds! :)We decided to have a little "staycation" to celebrate our anniversary. Dano and Honey jumped at the chance to keep Olive over night for us and of course, Wrigley was thrilled to spend the night at Pop's with Gipper. We stayed at the Skirvin Hotel in dowtown OKC. It is beautiful! Our room was on one of the curves of the building.

These INCREDIBLE flowers were waiting in our room! Wowsers! Stephen definitely out did himself on these! They are beautiful!
Here we are headed to dinner. We aren't very good at taking pictures of ourselves.
We had a delicious dinner at the Boulevard Steakhouse in Edmond and then drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
It was so nice to take some time to ourselves. Thank you Dano, Honey and Pop for helping us! Happy Anniversary Stephen! I love you!

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  1. how fun! I need to hear all about this and everything that has been happening!